Tanning Care

Before Tan

Make sure you remove all makeup, moisturiser, deodorant and perfumes.

Exfoliating your body is the most important step to preparing your skin. Paying extra attention to the knees, elbows and heels. We recommend using one of our pre tan scrub products which will help remove most of the dead skin cells.

Shaving must be done 1 day before or Waxing 2 days before your appointment to ensure that your pores are closed.

If any of your products (shampoos or anything you use ) contains silicone, make sure you thoroughly wash your body, as any small amount of silicone left on the skin will come through as an area the solution will not cover. Most times it will come down in your post tan rinse, but cannot be guaranteed.

If possible we recommend you shower just before your appointment to achieve the best possible results.

The best clothes to wear to your appointment is a very large dark soft T Shirt, or girls just wear the large T shirt that covers to mid thigh is what most people find the best.

WINTER TANNING – Remember having a Perth Spray Tan in winter is different to spray tanning at other times of the year. In winter your skin dries out and most of us are in air conditioned heating environments which dries out our skin even more. Moisturise more than normal a good week before tanning but stop two days prior to having your Perth Spray Tan, so that no residue is on the skin acting as a barrier. Also a good idea is having a Pre Primer applied before the spray tan, this also helps to prolong the tan.

After Tan

After your tepid only shower, NOT HOT (rinse only no longer than 60 seconds), also do not use any soap or body wash to remove the bronzer, we recommend you wait until the following day to moisturise your body, this will help extend the life of your tan. We recommend a moisturiser which contains the active ingredient DHA which can extend your tan, also choose a moisturiser that contains no oils or the ingredient SLS.